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Please arrive dressed and ready to train. We open our doors about ten minutes before scheduled class times. This page has our standard class schedule. If you are looking for our calendar of class cancellations, changes, seminars and other special activities, see our Calendar - Events page. If you want to see descriptions of the different programs listed, go to our Programs page. Click here for our inclement weather policy.

We highly recommend that if you were interested in observing a class, you should try a class rather than just watch. The first class is always free for new students as we find that you will get a better understanding of our program by participating in a class rather than just watching. To register for a free class, we recommend that you first look at our schedule to find the class and date you would like to attend. Go to Class Schedule and click on View All Available Options to see a calendar view of our classes (or scroll further down to see a graphic representation of the schedule). Then go to Free Class and follow the directions to set up your trial for that date. You will then return to the Class Schedule to register for the class you want to attend.

Private lessons are available online and in person. Go to our Online Studio page to schedule private lessons.

Questions? Call us at (410) 431 - 5200.

Class Schedule For Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi
(View calendar for holiday closures/modifications)

Click on the View All Available Options to see what classes are scheduled on any given date without needing to log in. You will need to log in to register for a spot.

The above links are the most accurate representation of our class schedule and availability. The graphic schedule below is included for reference, but remember that you must register for a class before attending. Click on it for a larger view.

Jing Ying Schedule


Off-Site Programs

Ridgely Retreat

Tai Chi - Thursdays, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm (register through host location)

Severna Park Community Center

On hold until the fall of 2020 - Tai Chi - Wednesdays, 10:30 am to 11:30 am (register here)

Please note that TaijiQuan is the pinyin spelling for what is often seen as Tai Ji Quan, Tai Chi Chuan, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, or commonly shortened to just Tai Chi in the US. The pinyin system is the official system adopted by China and the UN for transliterating Chinese characters into the English alphabet. Because other methods of spelling were in use earlier, we see many examples of varied spelling such as Peking is now Beijing, Kung Fu is now Gongfu, or Ch'i Kung is now Qigong.

The All Levels intensive classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays are open to adult students of all levels and are highly recommended for advanced students, especially as a substitute for missed Monday or Wednesday advanced classes. These classes are not open for family training.

*Help us begin classes on time. Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled class to change, review and work out.

* Please note that you are encouraged to train in a lower belt level class at any time.

Pre-testing is usually on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm & 7:00 pm with a make-up pre-test at 6:00 pm on Tuesday of the following week. When the 1st of the month is a Tuesday, the order will be reversed.

Testing is *usually* held on the last Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm. Students who are testing should arrive no later than 12:30pm. There is a potluck celebration after the test so please bring a dish to share!


Inclement Weather Policy

Please note that we do not necessarily follow the county public school closing policy. The conditions during the early morning that lead the public schools to decide to close or stay open may be very different by the afternoon when most of our classes start. A better guideline is Anne Arundel Community College. If they cancel evening classes, Jing Ying will generally cancel classes as well. We will always decide on closings at least an hour before the start of a class. You can sign up to get automated text message announcements from Anne Arundel Community College by going to or get announcements directly from Jing Ying by following us on Twitter

Check the weather reports. Here are our normal procedure for various weather conditions:

Winter Storm Warning or Winter Snow Emergency - if in effect during the time of our regularly scheduled classes, we will cancel those classes. When the National Weather Service issues a winter storm warning or snow emergency, they recommend that you stay indoors and not travel. If you must travel, they suggest that you use public transportation as 70% of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in automobiles.

Winter Weather Advisory - snow, freezing rain or sleet may present a hazard, but it is not considered significant enough to issue a warning. Conditions should be safe if reasonable precautions are observed. Classes will usually be at regular times but may be cancelled depending on conditions near Jing Ying.

Winter Storm Watch - Potential for heavy snow or ice in 24 to 36 hours. This means you should start checking weather reports regularly as a storm is predicted for the next day, but conditions may change. We will follow our regular schedule.

When there is little uncertainty about the upcoming weather conditions during our class schedule, we may be able to make a decision early and let you know the previous day. Unfortunately, there often may be constantly changing predictions about snow or icy conditions and when the weather will occur. When that is the case, we will wait as late as possible to make a decision. However, if evening classes will be cancelled because of the weather, we will always decide at least by 3:30 pm and we will change the outgoing message on our answering machine to announce the closing. If we only cancel some classes, the announcement will be changed at least an hour before the start of those classes. In addition, we will post closings to our Twitter, or Facebook.

Bottom line, if conditions in your neighborhood don’t seem safe - stay home. If your neighborhood is fine, but you are unsure about other areas, call us at 410-431-5200 and you should be able to find out about any class cancellations an hour before the class starts. If you call less than an hour before the start of your class and there is no announcement of cancellations on the answering machine, then you can assume class will be held.