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All members of the Jing Ying Institute now have access to observing classes from anywhere with an internet connection. This ability is available from the MyStudio app we use for our memberships. If you haven't yet set up an account, so to Setting Up My Membership to do so now. You have the option of using the phone app, or a web based interface.

This new platform will provide you with reference material that will help reinforce what we cover in class. It can also allow you to participate in classes online when you are traveling or otherwise can't attend class in person. You can even schedule private lessons online where the instructor can see you and offer advice and corrections. A Basic Membership to the Online Studio is free with any 6 month or 12 month program of regular classes. You can also pay to upgrade your membership or buy a membership directly.

In addition to private lessons, we can also offer small group classes online and seminars with the oportunity for face-to-face time with the instructor so you can receive personal corrections and advice to help you improve. For a list of interactive virtual classes, go to Zoom Classes.

Jing Ying members enrolled in 6 month or 12 month programs will have access to exclusive content just for our students, and will also gain access to top instructors from around the world! Your membership will give you access to content at your level or below from all the channels on the platform!

Here's a breathing video from the online studio:

Online Studio Membership

We offer four levels of membership: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. To read a description of each level and to sign up, go to

Live Streaming Classes, Virtual Classes and Pre-recorded resources

All our classes are now live streamed to make them available to members when they are unable to attend in person. The classes are available online at the same time as they are run in person. A live stream class is broadcast only, so you will not be able to interact with the instructor. We also have virtual classes that allow you to interact with the instructor and other students if you have a smart phone, tablet, or computer with a camera, microphone and internet connection. In addition, we have recorded instructional material to supplement your classroom training. These benefits are available to members only by going to Curriculum.

Online Private Lessons

If you have an internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone (most smartphones and tablets as well as many laptop and desktop computers), you can have a private lesson from anywhere in the world! Use the booking calendar below to check availability and schdeule your lesson. You will then get an email confirmation with payment information and instructions on how to log on for the lesson. For existing students, lessons are $40 for a half-hour or $75 for a full hour. For non-students, the rates are $55 and $100.


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