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About Jing Ying Institute
of Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Jing Ying Institute opened in its present location in November of 2000. It is hidden away on a scenic, residential section of Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. It's in an older warehouse complex that gives little indication of how large and well equipped it is on the inside. With 6,000 square feet and 3 separate training areas, there is plenty of room to train. An assortment of heavy bags, pads and other equipment assure you have plenty of training options. We can be a little hard to find initially, but it is well worth the effort.


Our vision is to transform lives and build community by providing an environment where every student regardless of age, health, or fitness level can achieve their full potential in body, mind, and spirit and be an active part of the community.


Our mission is to collect, preserve, and share the philosophy, techniques, and traditions of Tian Shan Pai Gong Fu and Chen Shi TaiJi Quan to apply these ancient arts to modern times to help students improve their overall health, fitness and quality of life to provide a fun, friendly, family environment that still provides rigorous, high level training and to provide special training opportunities with world class instructors.

What We Teach:


Jing Ying means "Best of the Best"

What makes Jing Ying the best of the best?

Best Value

Our Low monthly membership for unlimited classes is less than once or twice a week programs at other places. We also give the option of twice-a-week classes or once-a-week classes at an even lower rate.

Discounts for multiple family members

No long term committments required. You can choose from 1 month, 6 month or 12 month memberships with monthly payments for any program.

Best Schedule

We offer classes 6 days a week.

A beginner adult has over 12 classes a week from which they can choose. You can switch freely between the classes or attend as many as you like if you choose the low unlimited membership fee.

As you advance, you have even more classes to chose from. With more than 2 dozen classes offered per week, you can find a program or time that fits your schedule.

We have multiple classes for forms, weapons and sparring each week so you have plenty of opportunities to cover each area of your training.

Best Curriculum - (follow link for more details)

We offer separate classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. This assures your class time is used most effectively to cover skills appropriate for your level.

Our well structured and progressive curriculum helps beginners of any ability or fitness level to improve and advance.

We track the skills covered by each student to ensure all the necessary skills are covered at each level before they advance to the next.

At each level, different concepts are introduced. While there is plenty of review to help refine skills, the introduction of new principles as you advance means that the curriculum continues to provide new challenges and never gets stale or boring.

Some martial arts programs focus on individual applications and mix completely different styles to cover weaknesses. This often results in learning techniques based on principles that are contradictory. Our system is an integrated style with a focus on learning core principles to cover striking techniques, throws, takedowns, grappling, joint locking and pressure points.

You'll progress from practicing skills with an imaginary partner in order to build basic mechanics of movement, to working with real partners in a cooperative environment, to finally working with partners in a sparring environment where they are resisting your techniques while trying to execute their own.

Physical training is an important part of each class to help you improve your fitness and health as well as develop your skills.

Our self defense techniques are extremely effective and have been tested in the battlefield and on the streets. The are based on principles of avoiding the use of force against force and taking advantage of leverage, the understanding of how the body works and how the mind works. That makes the style especially effective for self defense situations where you are more likely to deal with an attacker who is larger and stronger than you.

Best Health Benefits

Many martial arts have a hidden expiration date. The training may be designed to improve your fighting ability while you are younger, but can be damaging to the body in the long run, resulting in pain and joint wear as you age.

From the beginning, improving and preserving health has been an important goal of kung fu. The training is designed to help you learn to use your body properly and to move in a bio-mechanically correct way. This helps reduce wear and tear on the body so that you can continue training even as you get older.

The exercise benefit of the training helps improve your cardio-vascular health, strength, and flexibility while also reducing stress.

The skills you learn will help protect your health against attackers who may be trying to injure you, and that includes the stress of modern life.

Best Realistic Self Defense

Kung Fu & Tai Chi avoid the use of "force against force" instead using skill to overcome strength. Let's face it, most attackers are going to be bigger and stronger than you or they probably wouldn't attack you in the first place!

Self defense is not a competition in which you need to "defeat" an opponent. Your goal is to reduce your risk and get away safely.

You'll learn to maximize the effectiveness of your strength by learning the weakest areas to attack and the best ways to use leverage to your advantage.

Best Instructors

Our classes are taught by experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge. You won't find instructors who just started training a year or two earlier and classes won't be led by students with only a few months more experience than you.

Our instructors have been recognized with national and international rankings, national championships in sparring and national championships in forms and weapons.

We have regular training opportunities with some of the top martial artists from around the world.

Our instructors practice what they preach. You won't find instructors who are out of shape, unhealthy and unfit.