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Located in a warehouse/industrial complex (actually a former boat building facility),
Jing Ying is definitely off the beaten path. Arnold is on the border between Annapolis and Severna Park, and you'll drive through a scenic residential area along the Baltimore Annapolis Trail. Just when you are certain you missed a turn somewhere, you'll see our sign and will turn into our complex.

Right away, you realize this is not your typical martial arts studio. This is no strip mall, there are no big glass windows putting you on display for all who walk or drive by, there are no flashy window decals. There is just a non-descript door with our name on it. When you first open the door, your eyes may blink rapidly in confusion. Is this the right door? Did I just step through a time portal? How could such a plain exterior contain so much color and activity? How is the inside of the building so much bigger than the outside? 

People are always surprised when they first see the inside of our studio. When classes are going on, they may feel like they stepped right into the middle of a training hall in ancient China. Their ears will be filled with the sounds of students working hard under the supervision of experienced instructors. There may be the sound of powerful kicks or punches hitting against heavy pads held by training partners. If the students are working with weapons, there may be the crack of wooden staffs hiting together, or the sound of swords slicing through the air, and there may even be the sounds of drumming. As you stand in the doorway and take in all those sounds, your eyes adjust and you begin noticing all the activity in a room where the floors and walls are dominated by the colors red and black.

You may wonder if you should continue forward. If you do, will you be interrupting the class in progress? Should you just retreat and look for another entrance that will take you to the office? By this time, someone may have noticed you standing at the door and come over to greet you and show you to the office. Or perhaps you noticed the path to the office in the back and continue on your own. As you walk by, you take in the extensive artwork. One wall in dominated by a golden dragon. Other walls have a snake, monks, tigers and more. The first area you walk through has a red padded floor. As you walk into the second area, you see the expansive wooden floor and changing rooms. Finally, at the back wall you see your goal - the office window. As you approach the office, you find yourself being amazed at how much bigger the space is than you would have ever imagined just from looking at the outside. What you don't realize is that there is an upstairs area with another training room! Jing Ying Institute has 6,000 square feet divided into three main training areas. One space has a cushioned floor while the other two have wood floors. We also have mirrored walls, changing rooms, a lounge area, and a pro-shop for books, videos, weapons, clothing and more. We also have heavy bags, dip stands, pull up bars and other exercise equipment. Wireless internet is available so you can also get some work done (or play) when you're not in class.

Below, you can see photos of the Jing Ying Institute.

Direction to Jing Ying