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VIP Program

Jing Ying has worked with a variety of people who value their privacy. Jing Ying's spacious, but private facility (no plate glass windows for anyone to look into), allows all of our students a level of privacy that they have told us they appreciate. For those who want even more privacy, we provide private lessons at Jing Ying or in another location of a students' choice.

Unless they give us their permission, we do not reveal the names of our VIP students nor do we discuss the nature of the services we provide them. No  matter how famous you are, our lips are sealed!

Some of the individuals we have worked with include:

Federal Air Marshalls
Secret Service
Radio personalities
Television personalities
Sports figures
Martial arts instructors from other schools or styles
Professional poker player
Priests and other clergy

Contact us to set up your private or semi-private program: 410-431-5200 or