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Birthday Parties

A Kung Fu Birthday party at the Jing Ying Institute can be the experience of a lifetime! Over the years, we have had so many kids leaving saying "this was the best birthday party ever!"

When you reserve your date, we can provide you with invitations.

The day of the party, we will set up tables with birthday tablecloths, and we can set up additional tables for your refreshments and for gifts. You will be able to come in up to 30 minutes before the start time of the party to bring in your refreshments, set up any special decorations you may have, and to provide input on arrangement of tables and chairs.

The actual party will be divided into three main sections for a total of about 90 minutes of party time. (More time can be added for an additional fee)

When the party starts, we will introduce the birthday child and have everyone wish them happy birthday! We will explain the rules of behavior for the party and will make the birthday child our assistant instructor. If you like, we can even present your child with an honorary Birthday Blacksash certificate. We cater each party to the ages of the kids and the size of the group. Typically, we will spend the first 30 minutes with some demonstrations of kung fu and weapons (swords, spear, staff and more), and then follow up with an introductory kung fu class for all the participants. Not only will we cover some basic techniques, we will also explain the importance of kung fu for self-defense rather than for fighting.

For the second part of the party, we will transition to a variety of fun, physical games. These may include some custom variations of freeze tag that we have created specifically to keep children active and working hard while also having fun! Just as a good DJ adjusts their playlist to keep the guests engaged, we adjust our activities to keep up high energy movement and high spirits! Our goal at this stage is to get those heart rates up and burn off some excess energy! After about 30 minutes of this, we are ready to transition to the final stage of the party.

We'll call the games to an end and announce that it is time for refreshments, gift opening, or whatever else you may have planned. This final 30 minutes is for refreshments, gift giving, or whatever you would like to do. You provide the refreshments. Depending on the time of day of the party, some parents bring in food for a meal (often pizza) while others may provide just cake and ice cream or snacks. If you have goody bags that you are giving to the children, we can provide you with special coupons for all of the attendees.

After the party, you will have another 30 minutes to load up the gifts and pack up any leftover food. Don't worry about clean up - we'll take care of that! Then you will be on your way with an excited (but hopefully tired!) birthday child!

Birthday parties are not just for kids! We have also hosted teens and adults and substituted the games with practical self-defense techniques! We are flexible and can adapt to your vision!

Our base price is $200 for 90 minutes of party time (2.5 hours total for set up and break down) and up to 10 participants. It is $5 more for each additional participant.