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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long does it take to get a Black Sash?

A: If you buy online, you can find a lot of places that will get one to you with overnight shipping. Perhaps you meant to ask how long it takes to "earn" a Black Sash?

Q: Yes, that's what meant. How long does it take the average person to earn their Black Sash?

A: The average person doesn't earn a Black Sash. Okay, for a more serious answer . . . Think of it a little like earning a college degree. The core curriculum can be covered in 4 years, but depending on the subjects you study, your age, and the frequency of class attendence, it can take longer. Learning kung fu takes consistent, diligent practice in order to progress. Anyone willing to invest the hard work and time (the translation of "gong fu") can earn a black sash, but each person will progress at their own pace.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: For kung fu students, a uniform is required by your first test. If you are a new student, you can wear loose, comfortable clothing suitable for active movement (please, no shorts or clothing that is too revealing). You will either train with bare feet or indoor shoes. It is actually more traditional to practice kung fu in shoes, but no street shoes are allowed in the training areas.

Please do NOT modify your uniform and do keep it clean and in good condition. Tank tops, sweat shirts, and hoodies are available from the Jing Ying pro-shop and are allowable options for your uniform.

Please do not wear necklaces, watches, rings  and other jewelry in class. Jewlery can cause injury to yourself or others. This is especially important when sparring or practicing self-defense techniques with partners.

Except for new students, you are expected to wear your full uniform to class and that includes wearing your sash! Not wearing your full uniform may affect your attendance record.

Q: Is there a changing area?

A: Yes! Jing Ying has changing rooms. You can store personal items such as gym bags, training gear, and drinks in the storage cubes located next to the changing rooms. When leaving, remember to take your items with you and to throw away trash and recycle bottles. Help keep your school tidy!

Items left behind are put in the blue "Lost and Found" bin located by the storage cubes. Valuable items - such as watches, cell phones, and jewelry - are kept in the office. Every few months, we donate unclaimed lost-and-found items to a local charity, so please be sure to check the lost & found bin even if you don't think you've lost anything!!

Q: What about class etiquette?

A: Being respectful to your classmates and instructors is a #1 priority! This includes not using profanity at the studio or any events where you represent Jing Ying. When you enter a class that is already in progress, please bow to the instructor and wait to be acknowledged before joining the class. This helps ensure safety. If you need to leave a class in progress, you should also bow out and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you before leaving the mat.

Please avoid strong scents. This can be from perfume, body wash, detergents, or personal hygeine.

Q: When will I be ready to test?

A: If most of your skills are checked off on your progress card, and you've attended the required number of classes for your level, you are eligible to pre-test. The pre-tests take place at the beginning of the month. If you are in doubt about your elibility, ask your instructor or check with the office. The day of your pre-test, you will fill out a form the office gives you and then give it to the instructor conducting the pre-test. If you pass your pre-test, you are then eligible to test.

Your testing fee is due by the 15th of the month. After that time, a $5 late fee will be applied. You must pay your testing fee (and your monthly tuition!) before testing day. We do not take payments on testing day because we are very busy getting ready for the test.

Testing day is a celebration of a student's hard work. Please bring a refreshment to share at the party we hold afterwards.

Future questions:

Q: How do I become part of the Demo Team?

We have a suggestions box by the office window and welcome your feedback.